BIBOX Insight

Connecting your renewable energy assets to the internet offers new ways to create value, but whilst doing so, also could create opportunities in which your valuable data could be compromised.  Aactio has teamed up with Scada Minds to offer BIBOX Insight- a platform able to control and monitor your energy assets safely.

The team behind Scada Minds has been activating data since 2000 and have a solid customer base consisting of wind turbine manufacturers, renewable energy owners and operators, as well as customers within the field of manufacturing.

Aactio is now proud to offer the BIBOX Insight platform to our global customers allowing:

  • A small team of people to manage 1000+ wind turbines, all from different manufacturers
  • Use high-frequency data to speed up development
  • Implement a user-friendly interface with control, traceability and above security build in
  • Understanding the benefits of SCADA even in a smaller business

Let’s talk

Internet connectivity has moved faster than most expected and many companies, especially small and medium sized enterprises, haven’t had the opportunity to plan accordingly for these fast-paced developments. However, regardless of whether you’ve planned for it, or not, it could already be influencing your energy asset management strategy – something BIBOX Insight helps you to bridge the knowledge gap.

If you want to know more about these developments or any of those not discussed here, we welcome you to get in touch.


Mo. Siddiqui
Managing Partner, Aactio GmbH



Download the latest BIBOX Insight flyer. Available as an English PDF