The Renewable energy and digital healthcare sectors are diverse and sometimes complex. Aactio simplifies this for our customers on whatever level they may be on.

We are experts in understanding our clients’ business and delivering tailored renewable or digital healthcare solutions based on why customers should purchase from you.

  • Our overall aim is to find that competitive edge you need to boost your share of the market. So we focus on the real and long-term relationships you need with the right customers. This is what puts your energy into action.
  • So whether you are a seasoned professional or newcomer we have the know-how to meet expectations. We drive your sales by engaging with your customers, letting them be your ambassadors that showcase and recommend your products and services to others.
  • Aactio has extensive experience that covers North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and India.

Aactio is the brainchild of Mo. Siddiqui. A specialist in the energy and cleantech sector having worked in 3 continents and across 15 markets worldwide as a consultant and representative to various companies.

Mo. founded Aactio with newfound energy and drive to add clarity and precision to his daily work. He enjoys making things simple and clear in a complex market.

With such a growth in the wind and solar world, plus digital healthcare sectors he came across all the barriers customers face in entering or trying to grow their business in both new and established markets.

Now he devotes his time to simplifying life for his clients with a team of skilled experts from his offices in Hamburg, Germany. Putting energy into action – into the right places – that drive sales and grow business, smoothly and successfully.