Getting Energy Right With Ecolibrium Solar

Ecolubrium Solar EcoFoot 3 - Aactio

Last week Aactio arrived in sunny Colorado to visit Ecolibrium Solar’s first install of their new EcoFoot 3 product, a revolutionary new mounting system for commercial solar set-ups.

Why Revolutionary?

EcoFoot 3 delivers a number of strong reasons why they’re revolutionary in the racking solutions business. Ease of installation, lowered costs through lower ballast requirements (saving time & costs for solar installers) and EcoFoot 3 is unique in the way it spreads the loads over the entire solar installation. In addition, EcoFoot 3 offers:

– a new all-metal product with an innovative packing density
– integrated wire management
– quick and easy to install

EcoFoot 3 is a leap forward for Ecolibrium Solar, as its one of the most innovative racking solutions available today for flat roofed installations. It’s essentially simple by design, yet functional. With its wide range of improvements, EcoFoot 3  offers companies and installers a host of money-saving benefits as they seek to lessen their energy footprint.

At Aactio, we are proud to highlight Ecolibrium Solar’s newest addition to their product line. We look forward to helping them expand their installations and business relationships around the globe.

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